Sleep for a week

It almost late to blog and I should go to sleep. Been eating a lot of crap and watching Friends. Laughing my guts out all by myself and eating more. Now I feeling sick and want to puke. Fun night. Right now I'm planning some posts that will come up tomorrow and have youtube in the background. Do you guys know what I want right now? Go to a hotel, laying in the most comfortable bed and sleep for a week. Eat the hotel breakfast and than go back up to sleep. I don't know why I just want to go to a hotel.  

That Maria Nila dye I was talking about I attended to get, my sister bought it for me like a present. So thankful and happy that I can save those money instead. I think I need to watch more videos on how I will dye my hair, because I feel kind of nervous that I will ruin it. Anyway, I will go and brush my teeth and than come back to the sofa to watch more youtubeeee. Goodnight! 

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