Not a fun day

First day in school today. I don't want be this miserable or sad person, but today was the worst day so far. To make it short. Today, no when I laid in bed yesterday watching youtube I just felt that didn't want to go to school today. And when I woke up I felt the same. I just wanted to stay in bed all day and sleep, watching series, sleep. Than when I went to school I just sat at by desk with music in my ears I just wanted to cry. At the moment I feel so sad and down, but don't know why. I hate feeling this...this sad. 

On the other hand, I did my first workout today. It was hard, but felt so freaking good. My body feeling relaxed and so tired which is a good thing because I want to fall asleep early today. I did one hour today and tomorrow I will do a thirty minutes workout. I was thinking of doing a post talking about my first workout and what I want to do this months. Anyway, I'm watching youtube and half asleep. Maybe a sign that I need to sleep. 

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Are you sure that you should stay at that school? If it makes you so sad and miserable I mean >.<