More dye

Home at last! I'm been home for a couple of hours. Unpacking my bags and now I'm sitting in my bed with hair dye in my hair. My friend helped me to bleach one more time and than I'm smashed the other colour in, but it looks...nah. Maybe I need to buy a real grey/silver dye for the first dye. I hope it turns out okay at least.  

I will have the dye in for 20 minutes more and than jump in the shower. Wash all out an than go and cook dinner. I'm starving so looking through recipes what to make. Fried rice with beans and vegetables sounds delicious. Youtube in the background of course and much more than that. Later when I'm dinner is done I will just laying in bed watching Sherlock until I fall asleep. 

last summer when I met my sister and mom for lunch
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