Hair Disaster

So guys. My hair didn't turn out that good. The bleaching turned out okay, but with the Maria Nila, it turned green. I'm not going to show it just because I don't like it myself. But! I will do an other try tomorrow again with bleaching and the colour refresh. Nothing much really has happened today. Watching youtube with my sister and her boyfriend.  

Tomorrow I'm going back to school and my room. Meeting all my roomies again. I'm also going to the store to buy a lot of food. Well not that a lot, but at least for whole January. Since we only cook our own meals on the weekends it will sense to buy for each month. This term I will organize more. At the moment I'm have youtube in the background while I'm looking at shoes and rings....I know I know. I'm not buying anything, just watching around. 

back when I had blue/green hair
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