First of January

↠ 2017.

New Year is over and we step in to 2017. First of January and it feels good. I thought that last year was the best year, but I hope this year will be better. I'm letting of the past and people that obvious don't want me in there life so why should I. I've been sad about what I'm going to do this year after school. I can't sit every day and think of the future. I don't know what will happen, but I hope is something awesome. Maybe I will continue study or going on a trip to test myself. Going to start this six month work out next week and really take care of myself more than care for others that doesn't deserve it.  

I had an alright new years eve. Something happened which ended up me sitting on my own in my room, watching films and eating ice cream. Could've had a better evening, but what do you do when friends just...Anyway, I had a good night sleep and today I was out for one hour walk and I feel awesome. Walking, fresh air and music can fix all.

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