Feel Good

↠ My top 5.


Sometimes or quite often I have bad days. Nothing big or serious, but that just something can make you feeling down and sad. I always trying to find ways to cheer myself up. This is my 5 tips that makes me feel better. 


  • Go for a walk. Short or long, you decide. Forget all problems for just a moment and focus on you. Listen to music that makes you happy and calm. Trust me, you will feel better. 

  • Listen to music. When you sitting at home and you feeling the stress is building up inside. Start Spotify and turn up the volume. Boost yourself and you know that you will feel better. 

  • Be with friends. If you having a bad day call a friend. Talk for hours or meet up. Eat dinner or just grab a coffee. Friends will always cheer you up. 

  • YouTube. This network is always cheering me up. I can watch for hours. Watch videos from your favourite youtuber or just a video that makes you happy. A small laugh or smile makes a different. 

  • Exercise. Do a small workout with loud music and just get rid of the bad energy inside. Or just like a said. A walk in the fresh air can do much. 

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