Casual Monday

Monday and I'm feeling like shit. Not the best thing has happened today. Let just say that I will be a poor student this term. I also should had my hair done, but my hairdresser called and said that she couldn’t. So yeah, what a crap day. I'm leaving it there and try to focus on something else.  

Tomorrow is my last day here. My bags are packed and everything else. I'm leaving to go to my sister this week until school starts in a week. I will miss some people, specially one friend. But I will see him next time I visit. The thing I will do when I return to my room at school is to clean a lot of stuff out for sale. I have a lot of things that I don't use and just sitting there. Will also get a lot easier to move if I don't have a lot of stuff and things. Anyway, I'm laying in bed watching youtube and eating chocolate. Just a casual Monday. 



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