Back to Swedish

Since my lack of update these days I've made a decision. I'm going back to write in Swedish again. I thought writing in English would be fun, which is had been. But now I miss writing on my language if you can say it that way. I've been writing in Swedish for four maybe five years in this blog and I was thinking to stick to it further on. Who knows, maybe I'm coming back to writing in English.  

But I can give you a short update since I last posted. A new week has soon ended and I've been painting a lo this week. Really feeling the flow and inspirations is coming back slowly which makes it a lot more fun to be in the art studio. Not else has happened. Been working out like usual, but today I'm taking a day off and just watching youtube. Friday tomorrow and I'm feeling not that great in my body. Headache and stomach pain. Maybe I will stay home if it gets worse. Anyway, next post will be in Swedish.  

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