15 Questions about me

1. Addictive of? 

A lot of things, but at the moment it is coats and shoes. I want every coat I see and same goes for shoes. 2016 was the year my addictive started for these things. 

2. You have to dress in one colour only for the rest of you life, which? 

Black. I already almost use just black so it won't make any different. Black goes with everything, but people must think that I hate the world. 

3. On what do you usually get compliments? 
My drawings and my knowledge for technology. Some how I always fix problems with computers and all that jazz. Really happy that people appreciates my knowledge for that. 

4. Your plans for 2017? 

First of all I will finish school and cry a lot of saying goodbye to all my friends. At the moment I'm writing my bucket list and on there I have written that I want to travel. See the world and explore. Also moving forward with my blog. See what I can do more do really step up the game. 

5. Do you laugh to yourself? 

All the time. When I'm watching a series when they say something funny. Friends is that type of show. Or if I watch something on youtube which isn't that funny, but to it's really funny. I laugh so hard.


6. What is the strangest thing you've eaten? 

When I saw a Korean reality show once where they ate seaweed chips it looked so good. They ate it like a regular chips so just had buy to try. Seaweed is the strangest and the grossest thing I've eaten in my life. Do not recommend. 

7. How to impressive you? 

Do be yourself. Don't be someone that you're not. Try to show you the weak side of you and have some confidence. Be passionate and a bit romantic will always make my heart melt. Hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie. 

8. Which city do you want to live in the rest of your life? 

Well, I haven't been around Sweden or the world that much so at the moment I don't really know. But Gothenburg has always been a city that I love visiting. 



9. How does you morning routine looks like? 

I don't really have a routine. Snoozing for fifteen minutes. Getting up to change clothes, some make up. Fixing my hair if I really can be bothered. Than I just go and breakfast before school starts. Really boring one, but the real one. 

10. What do you want to happen soon? 

To take next step in life. To quite school and stand on my own legs in life. Hope that my blog will grow this term and also figure out what I want to do next fall. 

11. Series you're watching at the moment? 

A bunch. Friends, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Narcos and Sherlock Holmes. I haven't been watching TWD for a while now so I am so far behind. 


12. When do you usually go to bed? 

Before school when I just was home everyday I fall asleep around 2-3 at night which is so bad. Now I go to bed 11 because it takes me an hour to fall asleep. I sleep for 6 hours, well it depends how good my sleep is. 

13. 5 things you want to do in the future? 

Travel to New Zealand and explore around the country. Visit all the lotr locations. Visit South Africa to go on a safari or work with animals. Work and have my art as my job. Visit Scotland and maybe move there. 

14. What's always in your purse? 

My wallet and headphones. When I forget my headphones is a huge disaster. Sitting on the bus for like an hour and you can't listen to music. You can probably relate. 

15. 3 foreign blogs you follow? 

Not that much really, but these I really like to read. SammathaMaria, Zoe Sugg and  NomadicMatt

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