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Huge pictures bomb!

As most of you know, I am a huge LOTR fan. No, but I do not think you understand how much it means to me. If asked which movie is your favourite. Lord of the Rings. What is your favourite movie soundtrack? Lord of the Rings. The first time I saw these movies I was stuck. Embroiled in Middle Earth world and it's creatures. My greatest dream is to go to NZ and visit film locations. Take and record for myself. Create memories and be able to tell that I have actually been there. Peter Jackson is my favourite and always will be. But if we go a little deeper into so will mention a great man who is one of my favourite artist and illustrators. Alan Lee, the man behind the sketches and the creation of the creatures and buildings in the movies. 

I read on a girls blog that she had been in NZ and visited it's locations. Then she even bought the book about just sketches by Alan Lee. Last week I got home my book and actually have not checked in yet. Know that it will take a long time when inspiration will flow from each sheet. And then have the other books also besides Hobbit. Probably think Hobbit Location Guide book is my favourite that will surely share the place with this new book, of course. 

Update: I've opened the book and O M G! If you are a huge fan like me, get the book!! 

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