Still on vlogmas

Good morning! Well my morning started at 6 am. I woke up and just laid in bed, listen to some music of trying to fall back to sleep. I was awake for 1 hour before I finally  fell  back asleep. Slept for 2 hours and that was the best 2 hours sleep in a really long time. Went up to eat some breakfast and watch youtube as usual 

Now it's 01.00 p.m and I'm laying in the sofa watching Zoe's vlogmas from three years ago. Planning some posts for later and alsooo, Today I finally going to buy Marhsall Major 2 headphones. They are on huge sale because of this Christmas week so I just need to get them. Not much more planned today. I am on doggy watch so later I will go on a walk with my doggies and enjoy the fresh air. 

 sorry for bad quality
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