Gold Boost

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1. Top HERE / 2. Sneakers HERE / 3. Sport Bra HERE / 4. Tights HERE / 5. Longsleeve workout t-shirt HERE / 6. Hat HERE / 7. Tights HERE / 8. Sneakers HERE / 9. Tights HERE / 10. Jacket HERE / 11. Shorts HERE

This morning I've been looking for new workout clothes. Why does it have to be so expensive? Just a sports bra is between 20- 25 dollars. Which in Swedish crowns is like 200 bucks. It not my be that expensive for some people, but for a poor student it is quite a bit pricey. When it comes to brand like Nike for example everything is over priced, but the clothes is so amazing. I would die to have all of this clothes in my closet. I know, I know it's more important that the clothes is more comfortable than good looking. But come on, you too would die if you had this type of workout clothes! 
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