Fresh air

Not much have happened today. Slept to 9 and stayed in bed for like two hours. Went up, ate breakfast and than started my day in front of the computer. Searched for new clothes and read some blogs. Been watching couples vlog channels and also a wedding video. So beautiful which made me cry a bit. I am a emotional person okay..? Went out for a short walk which led to a much longer one. Was out for almost two hours. My body and myself feels a lot better. Fresh air can do it all.  

I've just eaten dinner and also fruit salad as a small dessert. If I only had one thing to eat the rest of my life it would be fruit. Nothing more is happening this evening. I probably watch more youtube and eat some chocolate.   

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#1 - - Ljuva Julia:

Håller med, frukt är verkligen en gudagåva :D

Svar: Right!! :D