Matte Colours

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I'm not that in to lipstick or wasn't at least. I've been searching for more matte colours and NYX have a lot of different kinds. I own three soft matte from there Lingerie series. I really like the colours and how fast they dry. These six a few of my favourites. I really want to try more of a colour that stand out more.  

1. Berlin HERE / 2. Rome HERE / 3. Manila HERE / 4. San Juan HERE / 5. Paris HERE / 6. Seoul HERE /
Find more colors HERE /
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I'm back in the game

Hello! Its been 4 days since I last posted something. The last post wasn't that fun to read or to write. Today I feeling a lot better and happier. I think it was just that day after our long break from school that made me feel so unsure about how I would come back with new energy and inspiration. I've started on a new sketch that later I will do a painting of. I feel so energetic after this week. Since I started to work out everyday I feel so much better and I'm sleeping way better. Before I hated to workout, but today I'm loving it.  

I started this morning with a workout. I did a set that Jillian Michaels has on youtube. 30 day shred and man, Its like having a personal trainer that really pushes you and make sure that you can make it. I recommend if you don't know what workout you want to do. Tonight I will probably do a one hour work out. Abs and arms and I'm not looking forward to it. My body is so sore, but It makes me push even harder. Until then I will watch Sherlock and make dinner. 

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Not a fun day

First day in school today. I don't want be this miserable or sad person, but today was the worst day so far. To make it short. Today, no when I laid in bed yesterday watching youtube I just felt that didn't want to go to school today. And when I woke up I felt the same. I just wanted to stay in bed all day and sleep, watching series, sleep. Than when I went to school I just sat at by desk with music in my ears I just wanted to cry. At the moment I feel so sad and down, but don't know why. I hate feeling this...this sad. 

On the other hand, I did my first workout today. It was hard, but felt so freaking good. My body feeling relaxed and so tired which is a good thing because I want to fall asleep early today. I did one hour today and tomorrow I will do a thirty minutes workout. I was thinking of doing a post talking about my first workout and what I want to do this months. Anyway, I'm watching youtube and half asleep. Maybe a sign that I need to sleep.